Tuesday, 24 January 2012

FSWC protests presentation at McMaster University by anti-Israel supporter of Iran-Style revolution in the Muslim world

Dear Dr. Deane,

I am writing to draw your attention to yet another anti-Israel speaker coming to McMaster University this week – an occurrence which has regrettably become all too common at the McMaster campus. On January 26 the group ‘Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War’ (HCSW), - an organization with a decidedly anti-Israel stance, is hosting a rabidly anti-Israel, pro-Iranian speaker, Zafar Bangash, who has repeatedly issued calls for the ‘liberation of Palestine’ as recently as this past summer at a Queens Park rally in Toronto (a rally in which he sneeringly referred to US President Barack Obama as, “… this black man in the white house...”)

Mr. Bangash has been quoted in the past advising Israelis to go “back where they came from: the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, whoever is willing to take them in,” warning, “The struggle for the liberation of Palestine will not be easy; it will demand an even greater price in blood than has already been paid. But nobody ever said that the Islamic movement will find anything easy.”

Despite ongoing threats by the Iranian regime to Israel, and Iran’s subjugation of its own people, Mr. Bangash is committed to the Iranian theocratic model, stating, "Muslims must strive to overthrow the oppressive systems in their societies through Islamic revolutions…;” he supports the imposition of shariah law and was captured on video shouting at the Queens Park rally, “Inshallah I see that day when we, the Muslims, will march on Palestine and liberate Palestine . . .  under Islamic law.”

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