Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New sanctions imposed on Iran by the EU

16. October 2012 - The European Union governments imposed new sanctions against major Iranian state companies in the oil and gas industry.  Furthermore restrictions on the central bank were strengthened. Read more.

19 Iranian state-controlled television and radio channels were barred from broadcasting in the EU

16. October 2012 – Eutelsat, one of Europe’s biggest satellite services, barred 19 Iranian state-controlled television and radio channels from broadcasting in the European Union.  Critics of Iranian state-controlled broadcasting in Europe have long argued about non-objective Iranian media. Read more.

EU praised by Netanyahu for tougher sanctions against Iran

16. October 2012 – Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, praised the European Union for its decision on toughening sanctions against Iran. Stating those measures were having a strong impact on the Iranian economy. Read more.

Fidel Castro recruited Nazis during the Cuban Missile Crisis

16. October 2012 - The German intelligence released papers revealing that Fidel Castro, former Cuban President, hired former Nazi officers from Germany to train his army during the Cuban Missile Crisis the 1960s. Read more.

Anti-Semitic picture posted on Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page

15. October 2012 – A highly anti-Semitic picture was posted on the official Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page.  The director of legislative affairs at B’nai Brith, Eric Fusfield, condemned the picture and asked for removal. Read more.

Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden was called to an emergency meeting at the Swedish foreign ministry

15. October 2012 – Isaac Bachman, Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, was called to the Swedish foreign ministry to explain media reports published on Sunday October 14th, claiming Sweden was to object to proposed further sanctions on Iran at a meeting of the EU’s Foreign Ministers. Read more.

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