Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yad Vashem Hopes to Shed Light on the Stories of Jews in the Former Soviet Union During the Holocaust

FSWC Reports:

From ynetnews.com:

“To my dear brother, our city Priluki was taken over quite suddenly and very quickly by the German occupiers. My brother – you cannot imagine what terrible months we have been through - famine, extreme cold, abuse, looting, humiliation…. I wanted to die so many times instead of continuing this life! Even when I regretted not dying in the bombings, I still retained one hope – to see you again – even if for just a minute – before my eyes are closed. But this wish will also not be realized. Yuzik, I know that tomorrow is my last day, but I am strong and do not fear the end of my life. I am certain that you will avenge the death of your sister. Take revenge on those responsible for the deaths of Tulya, Mara and thousands of others. I kiss you and send greetings to your friends, to my brothers and sisters and, I hope, that one day you will avenge our spilt blood."

This farewell letter, which is now yellow and fading, is signed Eleonora Parmut, from the city of Priluki, Ukraine. She was 15 years old and was not expecting a miracle. It was clear to her that within hours of the ink drying on the paper, they would stand her in a line, would aim their rifles at her and her body would plunge into the killing pit.


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