Thursday, 3 November 2011

United Church Minister on vilification of Israel tour

A United Church of Canada (UCC) minister by the name of Chris Ferguson, (  who is the UCC representative to the UN on Palestinian issues, is doing a cross country tour to vilify Israel. Ferguson puts all the blame for the occupation of the West Bank on Israel and is a proponent of the Kairos Palestine Document which demonizes Israel by saying the occupation is “a sin against God and humanity.” 

It refers to Israel as “the enemy” and in language worthy of medieval fanaticism, frames  Israel’s actions in theological terms as “evil”

The Kairos document and Ferguson are not only one-sided, but extraordinarily offensive; the document completely devalues the need for Israeli self-defence, and Ferguson regurgitates the anti-Zionist canard that borders on anti-Semitism by suggesting that Christian support for Israel is based on Christian guilt for the Holocaust, rather than Israel’s legitimate self-defence requirements. Ferguson’s shallow argument is an insult to Christians and Jews who understand that Israel has not only the right but the duty to protect its citizens. Israel continues to press for a negotiated two-state solution, but has been met with intransigence from the Palestinian leadership combined with a lack of demonstrated capability (or desire) to prevent ongoing terrorist activities.

Ferguson continually refers to Israeli “human rights violations” without any mention of ongoing Palestinian support for terror, incitement to hate and the ongoing and public messages from Palestinian leaders stating that their true intent is to eliminate Israel. And of course, he makes no reference to the other Arab forces that are determined to annihilate Israel with whom  Palestinian factions are aligned.

Ferguson can be heard discussing his tour and the anti-Israel propaganda he is purveying in this interview:

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