Thursday, 17 November 2011

What stops the world from taking out Assad?

 By Avi Benlolo in the Huffington Post

Where is the international outrage against Syria? Where are the so-called activists who readily boycott Israel on university campuses or the hypocrites who mislabel it an apartheid state? Where are the fake humanitarian flotillas to Damascus? Neither a peep nor a whisper -- only a whimper.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's days are numbered. As he continues to kill his own people, the pressure to bring him to justice will increase; his ruthless actions have
even convinced the violence-tolerant Arab League to fire a few warning shots across his
bow by suspending him from their midst. In an ominous sign of his growing isolation,
Turkey and Jordan have also jumped on the anti-Assad bandwagon and are offering their
own criticism and advice. But for now, he continues to rule Syria with an iron fist and a
bloodied conscience. 
As Western countries congratulate themselves on their role in helping to end the
intractable and rapacious Gaddafi dictatorship (and keep their fingers crossed that
whoever follows will not be worse), many wonder why we don't employ the same Right
to Protect (R2P) reasoning used to end Libya's nightmare to help the Syrians as well.


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