Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ban Ki-Moon tells Khamenei to stop threatening Israel

29. August 2012 – On Wednesday, the UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon, met Iran’s president and Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. He urged him and his regime to stop verbally attacking and threatening Israel. Furthermore, Ban Ki-Moon asked Ayatollah Khamenei to prove the world that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful. Read more. 

Haredi man from NY sentences to 40 years of jail after brutally murdering an 8 year – old boy

29. August 2012 - Haredi man, Levi Aron, pleaded guilty in the murder case of Leiby Kletzky. He admitted that he kidnapped, killed and dismembered the lost 8 year old boy in 2011. New York City has one of the biggest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel.  Read more.

Simon Wiesenthal Centre asks the German government to clarify the ban of circumcision by the end of this year

29. August 2012 – Rabbi Cooper and Dr. Shimon Samuels from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre stated that banning circumcision, as a German court ruled, is to be seen as “extraordinarily dangerous”.  The Simon Wiesenthal Centre asks for clarification in this issue by the German government.  Read more.

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