Thursday, 30 August 2012

Business owners in India naming their shops after Adolf Hitler defend their decision 

30. August 2012 – Indian business men don’t see why they should change the name of shops named after Hitler. The Indian Jewish community – along with Jewish communities’ world wide – is shocked about the current situation and harshly criticize business owners naming their shops after Hitler. The brand name in most cases includes a Swastika, an old Hindu symbol. Read more.

New Circumcision Law planned in Germany, Justice Minister says

30. August 2012 – Rabbi Cooper and Dr. Shimon Samuels held a meeting with German Minister of Justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, in which they were told that the German government is doing its best to “remove the uncertainty” concerning the case. The current legislation draft focuses on parents keeping the right to decide about having their sons circumcised or not. Read more. 

Jordanian authorities want to deport rioting Syrian refugees

30. August 2012 – The Prime Minister of Jordan, Fayez Tarawneh, stated on Wednesday that those refugees responsible for violence will be deported to Syria. At present 150 Syrian refugees are in police custody. Read more. 

UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon, criticizes Iran’s human rights record while in Tehran

29. August 2012 – Ban Ki-Moon urges the Iranian Regime to start working together with the UN on the human right issues in their county. The Chief of the UN pointed out his concerns about the current situation in Iran to Iranian officials and asked them to improve freedoms in the theocracy. Opposition groups urged Ban Ki-Moon to criticize Iran’s political system. Read more. 

Charges filed against Rabbi Yitshak Ehrenberg from Berlin for vowing to continue circumcisions

29. August 2012 – After being provoked by German talk show host, Anne Will, Rabbi Ehrenberg at the end of the interview, having the last word, spoke out in favour of circumcisions and stated that it is a basic Jewish Law and therefore will be continued. Due to the comments he made at the end of the interview criminal charges against him have been filed, his office confirmed. Read more.

Police in East Lansing/ Michigan says the attack of a Jewish Student is not to be seen as hate crime

29. August 2012 – Zachary Tennen says he was attacked by two fellow students which stapled his mouth due to his religious belief. Before breaking his jaw and stapling Tennen’s mouth he was told by the students attacking him that they are “Nazis and in the KKK”. The Police investigating the incident does not believe Tennen is a victim of a hate crime. Tennen’s family is shocked and willed to privately sue the men that attacked their son. Read more.   

Rabbi Yona Metzger appeals Geert Wilders not to force Dutch Jews leaving the Netherlands

29. August 2012 - Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger, spoke out against Dutch politician Geert Wilders attempts to ban ritual slaughter. Wilders primarily anti-Muslim Party, Party for Freedom, adopted a ban on ritual slaughter in its election platform. Read more

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