Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Jews in Belgium Endure Antisemitic Insults and Assault after Affixing Mezuzah on their Apartment Door

FSWC Reports:

From ynetnews.com:

A former Israeli tennis player and her wife have been the victims of an anti-Semitic attack in their own home in a suburb of Antwerp, Belgium. Police have refused to accept a complaint against those who made the attack.  Ruth Sverdloff, a former Israeli tennis champion, and her wife, Cindey Meul, moved into an apartment in Aartselaar, near Antwerp, in the middle of May.

In accordance with the Jewish tradition, they affixed a small mezuzah on the door of their apartment. They then suffered three weeks of anti-Semitic insults and harassment from their neighbors, culminating in Cindey Meul being attacked in the apartment, beaten and left unconscious with a broken nose.



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