Thursday, 4 July 2013

Yad Vashem Celebrates 50 Years of Honouring "Righteous Among the Nations"

FSWC Reports:


In the spring of 1943, the friend of a Polish-Catholic family discovered a naked, Jewish baby in a nearby dark, cold cellar. The child, not even two years old, could neither walk nor talk. Her Jewish parents had been murdered and the family they paid to protect her had abandoned her.

Taking on considerable peril, Jozef and Natalia Roztropowicz took in the child, baptized her as Irena and raised her as their own. Five years later, they made another gut-wrenching choice: Returning their beloved daughter to an adoptive Jewish family who moved with her to Israel two years later.  The child, now a 71-year-old woman named Sabina Heller, says they are the reason she is alive.  


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