Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"German Apples Front" Fights Neo-Nazism by Making Fun of It

FSWC Reports:


One clear morning in 2004, an elderly man walking down the streets of the German city Leipzig came across a familiar sight which awoke unpleasant memories of the past: Dozens of demonstrators with a red arm-band with a white circle on it and a black symbol within. He witnessed Nazi demonstrations in his city in the past, but this time he decided to take a stand. He stuck out his leg as the protest's leader passed him by, tripped him and watched with a smile as he fell to the ground. 

The activists’ reaction was handing the old man a flyer. The elderly man walked away, and only after a few dozen feet suddenly noticed: The symbol on the arm of the demonstrators was not a swastika, but an apple.


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