Thursday, 6 September 2012

40th anniversary of Munich massacre

6. September 2012 – A memorial service was held yesterday near Munich to honour eleven Israeli victims of the terror attack in 1972. On September 5th, 1972 eight Palestinian terrorist from the Black September terror group entered the Olympic Village in Munich and murdered eleven Israeli sportsmen. Read more.

At Unity Event Imams deny the increase of antisemitism in Europe and the world

6. September 2012 – European Jewish and Muslim leaders met for the second time in the French capital, Paris. One of the points focused on was increased anti-Semitism. Jewish leaders urged their Muslim counterparts to talk to their communities. Most Imams present denied the increase and stated that the media is exaggerating. Read more. 

Pro-Israel Event barred by German intelligence agency 

6. September 2012 – The pro-Israel NGO, German-Israel Friendship Society, planned a pro-Israel event at the University of Rostock. Justus Westmüller, a popular author among pro-Israel left wing Germans, was to hold a lecture about solidarity towards Israel. Both the University and the German intelligence agency spoke out against the lecture and cancelled it. Read more. 

Buddhist monks in Burma demand for expulsion of Muslims living in the country 

6. September 2012 – Buddhist monks in Burma protesting in the streets to support their country’s President’s, Thein Sein, proposal to either deport members of the Rohingya Muslim community or send them to camps. The protest follows months of unrest after a Buddhist woman was raped and killed earlier this year in June. Read more. 

Six Jewish tombstones desecrated in a graveyard in the German city of Rostock 

5. September 2012 – Anti-Semitic slurs and graffiti of swastikas were found on six Jewish tombstones. As of now, the local police have one suspect that they are trying to track down. Germany is currently facing a new wave of anti-Semitism. Read more. 

Planned anti-Semitic play, “The Sixth Coffin”, cancelled in Budapest

5. September 2012 – The Mayor of Budapest announced the cancellation of an anti-Semitic play that was to be performed in the Hungarian capital.  György Dorner, the director of the New Theatre in Budapest, informed the Mayor that the theatre would replace it with another play on a different subject. Read more. 

Woman in Turkey awaiting trial after beheading her rapist 

5. September 2012 – A 26-year old woman, Nevin Yildirim, was raped multiple times by a man while her husband was outside of town. He threatened the young mother to kill her and her children if she goes public with it. One night she shot him with a rifle, beheaded him and carried the head to the centre of the town. Read more. 

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