Friday, 21 September 2012

Islam Gallery opened at the Musée du Louvre despise political tensions between the Western and the Islamic world

21. September 2012 – The Islamic art wing of the Louvre officially opened today, a gallery hosting Islamic art collections from Islamic countries of the Near East and ancient Persia. It is one of the most extensive Islamic art collections in Europe ranging from the 7th to the 19th century. Read more. 

Nazi war criminal Dr. Aribert Heim died 1992 officially confirmed

21. September 2012 – In 2009 the German public television channel, ZDF, and the New York Times reported that “Doctor Death”, Dr. Aribert Heim, died in Cairo in 1992. Shortly after, German weekly news magazine, Der Spiegel, published an article saying that there is no proof of his death. German judicial authorities officially confirmed for the first time Heim died in 1992. Read more. 

Holocaust Memorial Center opened at Drancy Transit Camp in France 

21. September 2012 – Almost 70 years after the first deportations of French Jews, a Memorial Center opened at Drancy Transit Camp in the suburb of Paris. François Hollande inaugurated the new memorial today and stated that educating the French people is very important to prevent the past from coming alive again. Read more. 

Irish Minister of Justice, Alan Shatter, attacked past governments on Holocaust and anti-Semitism

20. September 2012 – Alan Shatter, Ireland’s Minister of Justice and Minister of Equality and Defence, spoke last week at an event marking Raoul Wallenberg’s 100th birthday. After praising Raould Wallenberg’s courage and action, he criticized the Irish government for its decisions during and after WW2. Read more.

Germany launched database of neo-Nazis 

20. September 2012 – The German government launched a database providing law enforcement agencies with information about potentially violent neo-Nazis, replacing a system that limited different state and federal authorities in Germany from sharing information. Read more. 

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