Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Anti-Muslim, Pro-Israel subway ad debuted in New York City

25. September 2012 – Launched by the pro-Israel American Freedom Defence Initiative, the controversial ad, equating Islamic jihad with savagery, will remain posted for a month. It was posted yesterday in ten subway stations in New York. Read more. 

Islamists called on terror attacks in Germany 

25. September 2012 - Islamist extremists called on for terror attakcs in Germany after receiving information that a German citizen played the lead role in the low-budget youtube film Innocence of Muslims. Read more. 

US President, Barak Obama, stressed in his speech at the UN General Assembly that the US will do what must be done to prevent a nuclear Iran

25. September 2012 – In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Obama broached several issues including the murder of US ambassador Christopher Stevens to Libya, the controversial anti-Islam movie and securing Israel. Furthermore, he criticised Iran for not proving that its nuclear program is peaceful. Also, he stressed that the US is trying to solve the issue with diplomacy but, at the same time, time is not unlimited. Read more. 

Kippa as symbol of defiance for Malmö’s Jews in Scandinavia

24. September 2012 – After anti-Semitic incidents and anti-Israel riots in Scandinavia over the last few years, the Jewish communities and people in favour of Israel made the Kippa a symbol of Jewish defiance wearing it protesting against anti-Semitism. Read more. 

Ahmadinejad not taking seriously the possibility of Israeli attack on Iran

24. September 2012 – Ahmadinejad stated on Monday that Iran is not taking any threats coming from Israel seriously and that, in case Israel would attack the theocracy, Iran has the resources necessaries to defend itself. Read more. 

Stephen Strelecky wins compensation over office anti-Semitism

24. September 2012 – Stephen Strelecky, an Australian Jew, won a compensation claim after a two-year battle in Australia, claiming he was the victim of anti-Semitism while working for the Australian Taxation Office in 2009. Read more. 

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