Friday, 7 September 2012

Anti-Semitism in Venezuela at new heights during the electoral race for president

7. September 2012 – The presidential election in Venezuela is scheduled for October 7th. Current president, Hugo Chavez, a Catholic, and Henrique Capriles Radonski of Jewish descent, run against each other. Chavez constantly tries to present Radonski as a Zionist agent to the electorate while mixing classical and neo-anti-Semitism. Read more. 

Spain’s Jewish community petitions for removal of anti-Semitic term from the dictionary

7. September 2012 – The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, Issac Querub, asked the Royal Spanish Academy, which is responsible for regulating the Spanish language, to remove the word “Judiada” from Spanish dictionaries. Read more.

French judge convicts soccer fan performing Hitler salute

7. September 2012 – A French soccer fan was seen performing the Hitler salute at a soccer game on January 28th. In most European countries the Hitler salute is forbidden, France is one of them. The 32 year old was fined by a French court and has to pay $910. Also, he is barred for five years from the local soccer stadium.  Read more.

A synagogue for Montenegro 

7. September 2012 – When two chairmen of the recently established European Jewish Parliament, Vadim Rabinovich and Joel Rubinfeld, visited Montenegro, they raised the issue of building a synagogue for Montenegro’s Jews. Montenegro has 660, 000 residents of which 12 are Jewish. President Filip Vijanovic and other politicians support the idea. Read more. 

Michael Coren and Robert Spencer discuss Islam documentary by Channel 4

7. September 2012 – Historian, Tom Holland, produced a documentary for British Channel 4. Muslim communities all over the world criticize and threaten him following his in-depth analysis of the Islamic faith. Several communities want to ban the documentary because of Holland’s enraging conclusions. Read more. 

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