Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Jewish group in South Africa fighting “occupied territories” labels 

5. September 2012 - The South African Zionist Federation is taking legal actions against the labelling of products coming from disputed territories with “occupied Palestinian territory”.  All the documents related to the decision were requested by the President of the Federation. Read more. 

Mayor of Lublin to block the construction of a commercial crematorium near Majdanek 

5. September 2012 – Mayor Krysztof Zuk promised to do everything possible to block the construction of a crematorium next to the Majdanek concentration camp.  His goal is to turn the zone surrounding the former concentration camp into a protected area. Read more. 

Jewish school girls verbally assaulted in Berlin 

5. September 2012 – Female students from the ultra-Orthodox “Or Avner” school in Berlin were surrounded on Monday by a group of people attacking them verbally and chanting anti-Semitic slurs. The local police stated that none of the students was physically hurt. Read more.

An Iranian journalist claims that Zionism spreads homosexuality in order to control the world

5. September 2012 – A state-controlled Iranian newspaper printed the article by a local journalist claiming Zionism is the reason for the spread of homosexuality in the world. Experts criticised Iran for being both anti-Semitic and homophobic. Read more. 

Online anti-Semitism survey in nine EU countries launched 

5. September 2012 – The European Union launched an online survey in nine of its member states. Its purpose is to analyse how Jews experience anti-Semitism in the nine participating member states. The results will be published next year in an EU report. Read more. 

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