Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Netanyahu warned and criticised the US government 

11. September 2012 – Benjamin Netanyahu criticised the US government for not stopping the development of nuclear weapons in Iran. Furthermore, the US government was criticised for holding back Israel from launching a military attack. Meanwhile, the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, stated that Iran is advancing it’s work in the nuclear field. Read more. 

Growing Jewish communities across Latin America 

10. September 2012 – Jewish communities across Latin America growing year by year. Currently 500, 000 Jews reside in Latin America. One of the reasons is the economic transformation of the region. According to the CEPAL, the Economic Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, the poverty of the region dropped from 44 to 32 per cent due to the creation of new jobs. Read more.

Jewish communities in Germany question their future
10. September 2012 – More and more Jewish people in Germany wonder how their future will look like. Since the circumcision debate began, there was an increase of verbally and physical attacks. Many Jewish people fear what might happen next, how the general situation will continue and question if there is a chance of religious coexistence or not. Read more. 

Dr. Heinz Fischer, Austrian president, condemned far-right leader for positing anti-Semitic cartoon

10. September 2012 – Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the Austrian far right-Freedom Party FPÖ, posted an anti-Semitic cartoon three weeks ago on his Facebook page. It now was officially condemned by the Austrian Preseident, Heinz Fischer.  Read more.

Jewish human rights organizations criticised Estonian mock ad for portraying concentration camp survivors 

10. September 2012 – Eesti Ekspress, an Estonian newspaper, published a mock ad for weight-loss pills portraying prisoners at concentration camps. After human rights organizations complained, Sulev Vedler, deputy editor of Eesti Ekspress, apologized but stated that the mock ad ran in the humour section and was making fun at a local gas company, which recently used a picture of Auschwitz to promote its services. Read more. 

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